Become a Teacher in Ohio

For those interested in becoming a certified teacher in the state of Ohio, many opportunities are available. Our goal is to help you through the process of fulfilling every requirement necessary in order to receive your teacher certification.

Proper training is an integral part of the teacher certification process to insure that our future generations receive the best instruction possible. But first, you must choose a teaching degree appropriate to your interests and aptitudes. Our mission is to assist you in finding the right distance education program for your needs.

Are you looking to obtain a Bachelors degree? Or furthering your education with a master's? Though the most common path is pursuing an undergraduate degree in education, many professionals with a bachelor's in another field, find that pursuing a master's degree in education can help them complete teacher preparation requirements for licensure, and start their career off with an average 9.5 percent higher salary than those entering the profession with only a bachelor's.

If you would most enjoy working with children under the age of eight, you may consider earning you degree in Early Childhood Education. If you prefer to teach a specific subject to older students, you may most enjoy a position as a secondary education teacher. The options are endless, and the path to get there is right at your feet!

Begin your journey into education today!

Greetings Ohio Teachers!

Did you know that Ohio is one of 16 states in the country that requires employers to pay teachers more if they hold an advanced degree? Ohio teachers with master's degrees earn additional salary or stipends, and some schools will reimburse teachers who continue their education.

Online education is important to us because of what it can do for you.

Accredited online degrees make earning a higher education more feasible for educators in Ohio. All of our university partners offer online degree programs specifically suited for working teachers. While there are many benefits to post-graduate online education programs, the primary benefits include the ability to choose a program that meets your exact criteria, lower cost of attendance, and the flexibility to complete coursework when you want.

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